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‘tween the lines

Posted in Twitery by twitery on April 28, 2009

'tween the lines

'tween the lines

Drinking coffee embroidered with meaning,
hot, steaming, sighs and dreaming.
Sipping thoughts endowed with taste,
breathing ‘tween the lines
8:21 PM Apr 19th from web

Drunk with coffee,
your tingling spirit courses thru my veins,
fluid streams caught by a strong undercurrent,
ripping thru my espresso soul.

8:29 PM Apr 19th from web

Sky drifting, stars shifting, spirit lifting,
alignment spinning away at a tangent;
open to wild interpretation
as the planet spins her path

10:34 PM Apr 19th from mobile web

Thar she blows!
Diving deeply to unfathomed depths,
rising gently to spout
and observe strange life
and data crawling madly over the surface

11:34 AM Apr 20th from web

Dreams of paper boats,
cast onto the ocean,
by children of sailors,
swept by gentle winds,
out into the clouds
resting on a distant horizon.

12:56 PM Apr 20th from mobile web

Never silence, computers hum and buzz,
like insects feeding at nightime;
traffic percolates from nearby highways.
Stars fall from the skies.

2:03 AM Apr 21st from web

Splintered shards of light
streak thru slices of curtain;
time to face another day of dreams and demons –
ships and boats, by bus and train.

7:34 AM Apr 21st from web

Wus on a bus for breakfus.
Now a train, riding the rails; espresso.
Bleary eyes waken from deep sleep.
Ghosts from the reality of yesterday.

9:20 AM Apr 21st from mobile web

Unconnected, intersected,
ressurected, undetected,
unselected, rejected,
dejected, unprotected,
cemented, demented,
fermented, tormented …

5:28 PM Apr 21st from mobile web

The morning ripens slowly in the dreamtime.
Just a minute, by gradual degrees,
staggering scenes from one frame of reference
to the meantime

10:34 PM Apr 21st from web

Sun on my back, bent under the weight.
Wind on my face, aerated.
Sun’s in my eyes, clouds in the skies,
silver linings are always over-rated

9:16 AM Apr 22nd from web

Warming slowly, ideas I dislike.
Rising lowly thru empty days,
absent of sunshine.
Reality strikes,
your laughter bite,
your smile in flight

10:41 AM Apr 22nd from mobile web


Balancing on glass egg shells

Posted in Twitery by twitery on April 28, 2009

Balancing on glass eggshells

Balancing on glass eggshells

Balancing on glass egg shells,
riding a cosmic wave into tomorrow.
Dreams of remorseless phased transititions,
without end or clear meaning.

1:26 PM Apr 17th from mobile web

Bright pigments fading out into dull pastels,
graduating into a pale simulation of colour;
reflections of years washed by an old man’s tears

5:42 PM Apr 17th from web

More strong coffee, in the early sun,
slowly waking up, a rooster crows,
the sun sprinkles through the trees,
dancing tangos with the breeze

10:34 AM Apr 18th from web

Another old man sits in the sun.
Listening to cars drive down to his street.
Smoking another cigarette,
under a strange looking snake tree.

10:56 AM Apr 18th from web

Beams of excited electrons
strike my face in morning’s gentle light.
Close my eyes and view a spectrum of movement,
dancing in the dreamtime

11:02 AM Apr 18th from web

I’m like a prisoner in this garden,
walls I cannot touch,
places I cannot reach.
Food I cannot eat,
air I can’t breathe.
Solitary refinement

12:39 PM Apr 18th from web

Where will this twisty path lead?
Floundering onto sand?
Lost in the woods?
Awash on a far ocean?
Away with pixies, fairies, and hobgoblins?

12:46 PM Apr 18th from web

Should one more soul walk beside me;
yeah that would make a thousand souls.
March with me to the end of the earth
and back again. March on!!

10:13 AM Apr 19th from web

Splintered strings of light,
riding a wave train 8 minutes thence to hence.
No return. Single, one-way trip.
No reflection. Slow absorption.

10:37 AM Apr 19th from web

Streaky UV, fading my vision,
obscuring the sharpness and brightness of light.
I fall thru the moire of your complacent, weary recklessness.

2:07 PM Apr 19th from web

Falling thru the grainy gaps
between reality and the real world.
Slipping between hardened edges
and softened meanings.
Back onto your feet.

8:01 PM Apr 19th from web

Eating soft bread, margerine and sliced cheese.
Seating lost ahead with tangerines and autumn breeze.
Down by the seas where the tide flows.

8:03 PM Apr 19th from web

Another New Moon

Posted in Twitery by twitery on April 16, 2009

1# New moon in the sky; fresh thoughts in my mind.
Cool breeze in the night, take wings in flight.
Wake with new meaning, reborn with the dawn.

8:16 PM Mar 29th from Power Twitter

# Killing time, leaving memories behind;
cast out demons, walk in sunlight.
Murdering boredom, discomfort and sadness,
be gone into the night.

2:52 AM Apr 1st from Power Twitter

# Muted shades of darkness
embrace the twilight season.
Starlight shifts my gaze for no apparent reason.
Rein in my supernova heart.
| #twpp01
3:01 AM Apr 1st from Power Twitter

# Volcanoes burn within my soul,
fire creature quench my thirst.
Quick before the lava roll,
laugh until the evening burst.
Dark light of fire

3:22 AM Apr 1st from Power Twitter

# Riding a wave that rolls into limbo,
but arrives neither here, nor there.
Perhaps, if I danced the tango;
would those rhythms clear the air?

8:58 PM Apr 1st from Power Twitter

# Innocuous moments of recklessness,
ungaurded smiles of delight;
passage thru alien landscapes,
ignore dangerous signs and the usual portents
8:28 PM Apr 2nd from web

# Vague as the 6 pm news,
spinning like a politician,
bright as a spruiker’s song,
sparseness that costs a million;
light from my lover’s eyes

8:33 PM Apr 2nd from web

# Grinning, sitting under a cloudy sky;
I’m amused, but don’t know why.
Not confused, give these thoughts a try;
give them wings, and an alibi

1:46 AM Apr 5th from mobile web

# Internet, is down.
Moon, floats around a silvery cloud.
Waiting for our infrastructure
to bootstrap into existence;
like the legendary phoenix.
8:42 PM Apr 7th from mobile web

# Internet, down, nothing on tv.
Think I’ll maybe go to bed;
but it’s far too early.
Oh life is far too curly.
Divergent environmental devices.

8:52 PM Apr 7th from mobile web

# Waiting for a bus, don’t need no fuss.
In light it’s obvious,
through different shades of meaning.
Strange creatures emerge from the shadows

3:27 PM Apr 8th from mobile web

# Sitting in these gardens in the gentle shade.
Under vines and palm trees from a distant glade.
Citrus trees for making marmalade, lemonade.
3:34 PM Apr 8th from mobile web

# In-bound jet planes pierce the morning sky,
silent birds now no longer cry,
a roar of traffic growls, near by.
On this quiet Easter morning.

8:15 AM Apr 9th from mobile web

# Out-of-focus moon
refracted thru the coarse viewpoint
of this distorted lens,
pulling at my soul,
much stronger than yesterday
awaken today

10:14 PM Apr 9th from mobile web

# Magnetic, lunar forcefield,
slipping under my radar,
reeling in your harvest of cosmic fish,
lined up to your attractive axis,
no repulsion.

10:29 PM Apr 9th from mobile web

# Is this full moon at Easter made from white chocolate?
Will it crumble and melt like my heart?
Will I be reborn, redeemed and reconstructed?
5:06 AM Apr 10th from Power Twitter

Silent Sky

Posted in Twitery by twitery on April 16, 2009

bluesea# Silent sky, I can feel a pressure
of your ever-pulsing breath,
that holds me in your thrall.
Looking beyond a red-shifted night in the fall.

4:44 AM Mar 19th from Power Twitter

# Sparks of fire that light your spirit;
dancing thru embers of time.
Waltzing thru dances of life –
Tango thru stages of light.
Bitter sweet.

2:09 AM Mar 20th from web

# Sky stars painted in three dimensions;
angular imaginary lines of force.
Creatures and designs in ancient patterns,
etched upon the universe
3:03 AM Mar 22nd from Power Twitter

# While I trace the progress of your supernova,
spread throughout the evening skies;
I wonder who the artist was,
who’s creation materialized.

4:54 AM Mar 22nd from Power Twitter

# I cannot comprehend such depths;
infinite in dimension.
Unseen worlds unfathom,
like a mandelbrot declension:
unravelled in every direction.

5:41 AM Mar 22nd from Power Twitter

# Cosmic rain of stars
hurled against the night:
eternal march of hours unbounded.
Elemental stream,
awaken from your dream
you are surrounded
5:58 AM Mar 22nd from Power Twitter

# My spirit leaps on this moonless night.
Darkness hides suburban air.
Calmness rests at the edge of time
thru pulses of energy, lead me there

11:36 PM Mar 23rd from Power Twitter

# Last miles from my far-off distant place.
Sweet, precious smiles,
but I’ve forgotten your face.
Like lost files; deleted without any trace.

4:12 PM Mar 24th from Power Twitter

# Cicadas sing, a #magpie calls;
a rooster crows in the dawn.
Kookaburra laughs at the rest of the day.
Twitter their song to the morning air.
7:17 PM Mar 26th from Power Twitter

# Frogs, cicadas and grasshoppers
stirring rhythms for hip hoppers.
Hello says the frog to the dancing cicada,
under the starry Adelaide night

9:56 PM Mar 26th from Power Twitter

# Slaked by the sun, stabbed by my lover.
Over and over;
terminated by a digital divide;
greater than the sum
of its dislocated, broken murmur
5:09 PM Mar 29th from mobile web

# The sun goes down on this sad misfortune,
tomorrow I’ll be whole again.
Not going back to that lonely wasteland,
looking to a bright terrain
7:57 PM Mar 29th from Power Twitter

I know that . . .

Posted in Twitery by twitery on March 7, 2009

snowpathI know that I am haunted, by something inside me.
Something that grinds me and wears me right down.
Floating in a ghostly dreaming, my demon
4:19 PM Feb 17th from web

A haunting, that I cannot refuse.
I just can’t put my finger on it.
I guess I’ve just got some ghouls.
Over run by your spectral dopplegang.

4:25 PM Feb 17th from web

I know that demon inside me
is trying to escape this pale world:
lost in some nether regìon between reality
and that haunted, unnamed place…
9:26 PM Feb 23rd from mobile web

I know that the person I am on the inside
is different to the one outside.
I wonder which of them is the real me,
and who is the unreal soul

6:16 PM Feb 24th from web

I know you’re still inside me:
eating away from within.
Devouring whatever sanity remains;
filling my longing with pain.
Over and over again
3:36 PM Feb 25th from mobile web

I know I must leave you this way:
grieving as tho’ at a wake.
Hurts me to see you this day;
I’d much rather celebrate;
but I am dead to you.

3:46 PM Feb 25th from mobile web

I know I must fly like the wind:
flee away, get above every thing.
Like a leaf blown around in the air;
floating crazily: not going nowhere.
4:01 PM Feb 25th from mobile web

I will not drink that bitter concoction;
that brings out demons
from the pathways of my dark soul.
Running shadows, with wild screaming eyes

8:53 AM Mar 1st from web

I will not taste that sweet elixer
that dulls my senses and makes me inebriate to you;
lest I feel lonlier than a far-off star in the night.
about 11 hours ago from Power Twitter

Far from the comfort of any home;
far from the the warmth of your light;
slowly and lonely I roam,
destitute of your love in this cold night

about 10 hours ago from Power Twitter

Playing a shell game with my numbed mind.
Playing chess with a sad heart.
Take a queen – leave her behind.
Take my pawn, rip his soul apart.
28 minutes ago from web


Posted in Twitery by twitery on February 16, 2009

Lost – Twitery 9 by @christwitery, @chrisloft

Lost in darkest Africa; think I’m heading east.from-wwwmetacafecom-89546852455742
I was on my way home, three months ago.
Now life is a jungle – and you’re a wild, wild beast

about 4 hours ago from web

Lost, deep in my mind. No exit.
No doors to open or road to cross.
Blackness filled with a chaotic frenzy of chitter chatter.
Shadow of you.

about 4 hours ago from web

Lost, in vast chambers of my heart.
Devious turnings, random pathways.
I turned for help; but you were never there.
Pulsating, cold comfort.
about 3 hours ago from web

Lost, as I walk. No escape from torment.
No escape from emptiness.
You may as well walk beside me.
Your chatter is still so loud. No escape.

about 3 hours ago from web

Lost, as I take a breath.
My heart skips a beat;
I know she does not even look like you; you are miles away.
Rewarded by a stranger’s smile.
about 3 hours ago from web

Lost in my head. I cannot think straight any more;
some days I cannot think.
Some days: I am just not there.
Shadow of my former unlost self

about 3 hours ago from web

Lost as I walk down streets that I know.
Wander by lanes I’ve not seen,
past places I’ve never been,
find my way with a long piece of string
about 3 hours ago from web

Lost in the depths of confusion.
Lost in simplistic byways.
Fighting to recognize myself, and this condition.
Lost to myself and this world.

about 1 hour ago from web

Lost looking at the mirror.
Lost in my reflection.
Lost in some vague direction.
Lost today. When will I be found?
Where is my road map home
about 1 hour ago from web

Lost in France. Lost at home.
Lost dancing. Lost on a bus.
Lost at my destination.
Lost by the side of the road.
Lost on the road going home

about 1 hour ago from web

Lost in my lifestream.
Lost in the data, unsorted, uncollected.
475,382 requests lost in 4.55 ms – files lost,
data lost, records lost, lost
about 1 hour ago from web

Lost in time and lost in space.
Lost in endless soap opera.
Lost halfway thru the plot.
Lost before the finale, lost before the credits roll

about 1 hour ago from web

One day I was human. Now I am lost.
Once I was a part of my life.
Now my life is lost, literally lost,
laterally lost, lost as a last resort
about 1 hour ago from web

Nomad, Gypsy Heart

Posted in Twitery by twitery on February 15, 2009

Nomad Gypsy Heart – Twitery 8 by @chrisloft, @christwitery

At a crossroads; waiting.GypsyLoft
An intersection; still.
At a junction; gathering my thoughts and possessions.
Am I just a passenger? Dusty pilgrim
about 2 hours ago from web

At a signpost: reluctant; where will the sun rise?
Always from that direction –
Always in a different light –
Casting long shadows toward me.

about 2 hours ago from web

Waiting for a ride? A vehicle supplied?
Driven from despair, not going any where.
Pale sun climbs one more degree,
steadily watching heaven.
about 2 hours ago from web

Aimless now; nomad, gypsy heart.
Cold mind, closed on a night like this.
One eye barely recognises the other,
thought you were someone else.

about 1 hour ago from web

A reflection of myself dances along rain-swept streets.
I do not know my name.
Not fast enought to be running;
too slowly for real direction
about 1 hour ago from web

I must take a path and purchase some purpose.
Too much choice or not enough?
Stripped away trappings of past lives,
echo a ligitant presence

about 1 hour ago from web

Meandering after a sparse repast;
untracked and unrecorded.
Dim lights blend fuzzy reality
into a soft, distant shadow; blurring hard lines.
about 1 hour ago from web

Reinvention after so many times
you don’t know who you are: where you are,
where you’ve been or who you’ve seen.
I know your face, it’s mine

about 1 hour ago from web

Don’t walk away: I know you.
Tell me your story or name.
Don’t fade away like a ghost in the night.
More than a fatal reflection; bent light
about 1 hour ago from web

Familiarity gives meaning to strange observation;
secrets I had kept from myself.
Darkness I’d never envisaged,
light most forbidden to see

about 1 hour ago from web

Lost in my lifestream.
Cast out like a beached surfer,
unable to balance a fine subtle line.
Unable to comprehend, overwhelming mass of data
37 minutes ago from web

Thoughts of return take you back to beginnings
that might never have been initiated
by the results returned from sifted, seiving data sources

36 minutes ago from web

Dead Star Dying

Posted in Twitery by twitery on February 14, 2009

Dead Star Dying – Twitery 7 by @chrisloft, @christwitery

Early morning anguish.eagle
Rampant expectancy.
Landmark recorded on a scroll somewhere.
Heal, shattered heart;
do not diverge from your ambition
7:45 AM yesterday from web

Dead star dying under stress;
systems flying uncompressed.
Simple forms coalesce,
into shadows of emptiness –
unbounded sensations of light.

9:22 PM yesterday from mobile web

Chasing your fire thru the night sky as you implode into oblivion;
relentlessly pursuing an inward spiral to your iron core.
Heart of steel.
10:30 PM yesterday from mobile web

Breathing a last gasp; a final intake of energy
that can only accelerate a rushing toward that center.
Dark iron heart bursting in eruption.
11:18 PM yesterday from mobile web

My love bursts across the sky; a massive supernova.
Energy that cannot die, a rolling song of thunder.
Resounding flare of heavenly fortune.
11:26 PM yesterday from mobile web

Atoms stripped of their electrons,
protons slammed into finite chunks,
neutrons freed of their encumerance –
dance gayly in striated embers.

12:24 AM today from web

Data falls out of a spiral helix, light bends in on itself.
Snap goes another phase transition,
seeding the cosmos in a void empty outreach.
12:28 AM today from web

Surounded by light so radiant
it condenses into cooling matter;
forming spiral bursts of stars
that stream out of self-organizing particles

1:04 AM today from web

Strange creatures with incredibly short half lives.
Refugees from a particle zoo of quantum suburbia.
Never there when you expect them to be
1:07 AM today from web

Space ruptures to admit expansion beyond comprehension.
Super flash scars the fabric of heaven,
leaving a narrative shadow of double meaning

1:22 AM today from web

Pulsars gleaming out of nowhere;
gamma beams of cosmic fire.
Missing mass that’s unaccounted;
darkly trod where matter never mattered before
1:42 AM today from web

Tiny little bits that no one has ever seen,
whirling around other tiny motes of flotsam and jetsom,
washed around within a vortex of bubbles

1:57 AM today from web

Stars strewn in spiral ripples across the heavens,
endlessly spinning a story of light, time and space and life –
pirouetting as dancers do.
2:11 AM today from web

My true love is trapped sleeping in a dream from another story.
How can I get out of this story
and wake her before the dark prince returns?

2:36 AM today from web

Flung across the distant night sky,
like grains of wheat in a harvest wind.
Shining like diamonds,
flickering like flames of fierce abandon.
2:55 AM today from web

Floating in a limbo half-way location;
between the earth and the stars.
Cannot keep my feet on the ground –
scraping the moon as she passes.

about 8 hours ago from web

@Twitcops – Twitery by @chrisloft, @christwitery

Posted in Twitery by twitery on February 12, 2009

Twitcops – Twitery 6 by @chrisloft, @christwitery and with the unwitting collaboration of @Twitcops

Internet connection is mildly severed;
heart strings jarred and pulled.
Does emotion hurt more than physical wounds?
My anguìsh has returned
about 5 hours ago from mobile web

Okay, Tweeples, Officer Plod on duty tonight.
If I’m a bit slow responding…don’t worry…
my intellect is faster than my fingers!
@Twitcops about 5 hours ago from web

@Twitcops I would pluck the moon from the evening sky
to give to my true love;
even tho she spurns my gifts and scorns my goodly intentions.
about 5 hours ago from mobile web

@ChrisTwitery Poetry for me, Chris…
Are you coming onto me??
about 5 hours ago from web in reply to ChrisTwitery

@Twitcops I would steal the sun from the sky:
no one would notice til the sun failed to rise next morning,
plunging the world into darkness.
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

@ChrisTwitery Original or stolen from another???
about 5 hours ago from web in reply to ChrisTwitery

@Twitcops I’d fraudulently convert my true love’s heart:
so that she loved me instead of that clueless punk –
and run off with the proceeds
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

@Twitcops I would forge my own heart upon that of another
and utter claims upon her own gay heart
and carry her off into a sunless dominion.
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

@Twitcops Officer, officer my heart has been stolen;
my soul’s been broken,
my emotions have all run away.
An imposter has hijacked my heart
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

@ChrisTwitery How can I help, Chris?
Hearts really are not a job for Officer Plod,
but more for Officer Valentine, and she’s not on today
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to ChrisTwitery

My dearest, sweetest love:
I would steal all the world’s jewels and precious metals
if you would only love me.
@Twitcops would never notice.
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

For those “Dobbing in a friend”
for being their best twitter friend,
please add #dob-in-a-friend to your post.
@Twitcops about 4 hours ago from web

@Twitcops don’t worry about dobbing in a friend –
what about my heart? I need it!
There’s a big gaping hole where it used to be.
I’m in pain
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

@ChrisTwitery They say, no pain, no gain.
But my question is,
why did you let someone steal it in the first place?
Did you have security??
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to ChrisTwitery

@Twitcops My best friend’s abandoned me,
dumped me and left me littered on the side of the road,
miles from home.
I can’t dob her in to you
about 3 hours ago from mobile web

@ChrisTwitery Was your attacker a male or female?
Can you give me a description
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to ChrisTwitery

@Twitcops I cannot dob her in: she thrills me.
After she rips out my wounded heart – she’d kill me.
I can’t bear to be apart – it chills me.
about 3 hours ago from mobile web

ChrisTwitery Well I hate to break it to you, Chris,
you just did. Female…your best friend…side of the road…
all HUGE clues
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to ChrisTwitery

@ChrisTwitery Your passion WILLS me
to try to SKILL thee
to resist that which if given any more authority
will BILL thee!!!
about 3 hours ago from web in reply to ChrisTwitery

@Twitcops My heart has collided with that of another:
high up in space. Implosion is imminent.
Perhaps you should consider evacuation plans?
about 3 hours ago from mobile web

@ChrisTwitery Implosion, collapsing inward,
spiralling towards the centre of what?
A vacuum created by your absence…
rescue poor Chris
about 3 hours ago from web in reply to ChrisTwitery

Quiet, Lonely Streets

Posted in Twitery by twitery on February 10, 2009

Quiet, Lonely Streets – Twitery 5 by @chrisloft, @christwitery

The moon is full on a cloudy sky.train
Cool air will chill my darkened mind.
Feel lighter now as she glides by,
dancing homewards thru the night.
33 minutes ago from web

Dancing homewards, soon I’ll be;
though you’re no longer there with me.
Safely home? It has been too long,
is there any place where I belong?

30 minutes ago from web

Is there any place where I belong?
I cannot reach that tiny beacon.
Moon you shine thru the lonely night.
As I walk the quiet streets alone.
28 minutes ago from web

As I walk the quiet streets alone –
I wonder what is going on?
You should tell your friend the truth –
what are you trying to hide or prove?

19 minutes ago from web

As I walk beneath a giant moon:
I wish that I were walking home.
I’m pulled toward her smiling light,
but I’m only going to my room tonight.
17 minutes ago from web

Phone calls in the night, that I cannot make.
Threats and innuendo, twisted out of context.
Misunderstanding. She hasn’t told him the truth.

13 minutes ago from web

But I am the villain. I am the evil doer.
Cast me out and scorn my memory.
Dump me into the nearest ditch –
like a cast off piece of rubbish
11 minutes ago from web

Dump me further than he ever dumped you –
leave me there to find my own way, safely home.
I still walk the quiet lonely streets. Where am I?

10 minutes ago from web

Where am I? Not safely home? Not safe. Not home.
No where. In some crazy limbo. In some crazy hell.
Inside my crazy mind. Walk silent night.
8 minutes ago from web

Walk silent night. Thru lonely, quiet streets.
Searching for a safe place.
Searching for that haven where no one can touch your private mind

6 minutes ago from web

You won’t get out of my head. Cast you out, but you return.
Ring you up, but I am spurned.
Look at you, but I am burned and I cannot return.
4 minutes ago from web

I can never return to that place.
I will never share your mind,
your smile, your laughter, your dreams.
Cast out, dumped out in the shadows.

2 minutes ago from web

Full, bright moon shines from the shadows.
I walk the lonely, quiet streets;
searching for my way back home from the time when I was scorned
less than 20 seconds ago from web