Twitery – Twittered Poetry on the go by @ChrisTwitery


Hi, I’m Chris Loft – I’m a writer, poet, muso, producer, video maker, father, coffee grinder, dreamer and currently broken-hearted fool.

This has inspired me to write some poetry, via twitter. I construct 140-character chunks of verse, post them to Twitter and then assemble them into poetry – or twitery – a new form of digital media – twiterature.

I’ll shortly move away from writing about my broken heart – which is fixed now 😉 – and produce work that doesn’t bare my screaming heart and soul for all the world to see.

If you like twitery, please make a comment. You can follow me on twitter @christwitery – I’ll follow you back. If you know others producing works of poetry or prose in a similar fashion please let me know and I will set up some links.

I seem to have been turned into a zombie – a haiku zombie. On twitter search for ‘haiku’ and ‘zombiehaiku’  – write a haiku and send it to me.

I hope you enjoy these twittered works.

Chris Loft


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