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Posted in Uncategorized by twitery on June 5, 2010

Twitery Tweets from @christwitery

  • 00:55 @Beezknez @Ysabeluna @Wifsie Thanks for retweeting todays haiku #
  • 01:05 Darkness hides agroof / from wild and raging wind storms / as the moon whispers #haiku #artwiculate #
  • 02:02 @prashanthm18 @roseasho @Artcraft_Japan @beezknez @Sahrazad528 @Uva_Be Thanks for RTs and #FF luv #
  • 17:30 Expel memory / rain pours over gray pavement / my emetic heart #haiku #artwiculate #
  • 19:32 @TiddK Hai, hugs for you ~ Congrats for top five ~ I’m just hanging around it’s nether regions – thanks for your RTs <3 #
  • 21:59 RT @DarkHaikuMoon Leaves are swirly tossed / breezes scour the dusty land / an emetic wind #haiku #artwiculate #
  • 23:31 @Wifsie @Ysabeluna @TidKid thanks for RTs – TidKid big hugs for agroof <3 #

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