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Posted in Uncategorized by twitery on June 4, 2010

Twitery Tweets from @christwitery

  • 00:41 I said Shibboleth / it made little difference / her door was still locked #haiku #haikuchallenge #artwiculate #
  • 00:56 You could always come back to my place. I promise I won’t try anything shibboleth. #
  • 01:42 RT @beezknez Shibboleth hiding / in the rubble from those who / seek to speak the word /#artwiculate #
  • 02:30 RT @Gardencomet Reclining naked/ long Summer grass curtains me/ my Shibboleth – Max #haiku #Maxku #
  • 02:35 @Gardencomet Maybe I should come over and mow your lawn? #
  • 02:38 I’ve got one of those old Shibboleth mowers, they can be hard to start unless you whisper the right expletive to them. #
  • 02:41 @Gardencomet Oh it’s still daytime / just relax and get naked / we’ll wait til it’s dark #
  • 02:47 @Gardencomet make hay while sun shines / tonight I’ll bring power scythe / for reaper madness #
  • 12:29 Agroof of wild goats / stare at the green grass beyond / longing in their eyes #haiku #artwiculate #
  • 13:40 Sun beaten Agroof ~ basking in the midday sun ~ meaningless de jour #haiku #artwiculate #
  • 17:32 RT @ChrisTwitery: Darkness fringes light / clouds slip to the distant sea / night time sings her song #haiku #
  • 17:33 @beezknez Arrgh – it had a typo in it – what are you doing for tea? Did you say pecan pie? #
  • 20:36 #ff Haiku Gang – @Baffled @natangold @inotherwords_c @mitchelka @JDProuty @jazmatician @simonscotland @fox2go @mzzlee @alotus_poetry #
  • 21:41 All loyal agroof – should report for embarkation – into the next world #haiku #haikuchallenge #artwiculate #
  • 22:38 Last train departing / bound for unknown location / agroof on the rails #haiku #artwiculate #

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