Twitery – Twittered Poetry on the go by @ChrisTwitery

Posted in Uncategorized by twitery on April 28, 2010
  • 09:45 Intermittent dreams – that will never awaken – my quiet half life #haiku #
  • 11:16 Falling through shadows – and the cracks of time and space – my quantum half life #haiku #
  • 16:23 In a far off land – rain trickles through the gum trees – dusty thirsty earth #haiku #
  • 17:54 Half light shadows blur – as dusk turns into night time – devil demons prowl #haiku #
  • 18:49 – I dreamt that you were / stuck in someone else’s dream / how can I wake you /// #hai #
  • 18:54 RT @ddh77 RT @beezknez: I’m lost when I’m with you / I wish you could find me / #haiku #poetry #
  • 19:57 Why women should stay single – not suitable for those easily disturbed #
  • 22:26 So what did I say to cause such derision ~ was it something I said or was it elision? #

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