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Another New Moon

Posted in Twitery by twitery on April 16, 2009

1# New moon in the sky; fresh thoughts in my mind.
Cool breeze in the night, take wings in flight.
Wake with new meaning, reborn with the dawn.

8:16 PM Mar 29th from Power Twitter

# Killing time, leaving memories behind;
cast out demons, walk in sunlight.
Murdering boredom, discomfort and sadness,
be gone into the night.

2:52 AM Apr 1st from Power Twitter

# Muted shades of darkness
embrace the twilight season.
Starlight shifts my gaze for no apparent reason.
Rein in my supernova heart.
| #twpp01
3:01 AM Apr 1st from Power Twitter

# Volcanoes burn within my soul,
fire creature quench my thirst.
Quick before the lava roll,
laugh until the evening burst.
Dark light of fire

3:22 AM Apr 1st from Power Twitter

# Riding a wave that rolls into limbo,
but arrives neither here, nor there.
Perhaps, if I danced the tango;
would those rhythms clear the air?

8:58 PM Apr 1st from Power Twitter

# Innocuous moments of recklessness,
ungaurded smiles of delight;
passage thru alien landscapes,
ignore dangerous signs and the usual portents
8:28 PM Apr 2nd from web

# Vague as the 6 pm news,
spinning like a politician,
bright as a spruiker’s song,
sparseness that costs a million;
light from my lover’s eyes

8:33 PM Apr 2nd from web

# Grinning, sitting under a cloudy sky;
I’m amused, but don’t know why.
Not confused, give these thoughts a try;
give them wings, and an alibi

1:46 AM Apr 5th from mobile web

# Internet, is down.
Moon, floats around a silvery cloud.
Waiting for our infrastructure
to bootstrap into existence;
like the legendary phoenix.
8:42 PM Apr 7th from mobile web

# Internet, down, nothing on tv.
Think I’ll maybe go to bed;
but it’s far too early.
Oh life is far too curly.
Divergent environmental devices.

8:52 PM Apr 7th from mobile web

# Waiting for a bus, don’t need no fuss.
In light it’s obvious,
through different shades of meaning.
Strange creatures emerge from the shadows

3:27 PM Apr 8th from mobile web

# Sitting in these gardens in the gentle shade.
Under vines and palm trees from a distant glade.
Citrus trees for making marmalade, lemonade.
3:34 PM Apr 8th from mobile web

# In-bound jet planes pierce the morning sky,
silent birds now no longer cry,
a roar of traffic growls, near by.
On this quiet Easter morning.

8:15 AM Apr 9th from mobile web

# Out-of-focus moon
refracted thru the coarse viewpoint
of this distorted lens,
pulling at my soul,
much stronger than yesterday
awaken today

10:14 PM Apr 9th from mobile web

# Magnetic, lunar forcefield,
slipping under my radar,
reeling in your harvest of cosmic fish,
lined up to your attractive axis,
no repulsion.

10:29 PM Apr 9th from mobile web

# Is this full moon at Easter made from white chocolate?
Will it crumble and melt like my heart?
Will I be reborn, redeemed and reconstructed?
5:06 AM Apr 10th from Power Twitter


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